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I was going to wait until I had finished all the graphical improvements, but I decided to launch the new site today in light of the fact that my new Animation/Interactive reel is finished!  Go visit the Reel page to listen to it, or if you’d rather save some time, click here.  Made by the amazing Cheryllynn Carter.

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Welcome to the new and improved!  It’s a little cookie-cutter, but it’s functional, and it suits my personality a little better (and is therefore a little more marketable).  If you’ve ever visited this site before, you may have noticed that I no longer have any videos or pictures featuring my pretty face.  This is because I’ve decided to officially dedicate myself to a career in Animation/Interactive Voice-Over, the promotion of which will be the primary function of this site.  A new reel is on its way; my producer’s putting the finishing touches on it right now, and it sounds GREAT.

Recent exploits:

-The launch of Original Media for Gamers (  I’m C.O.O. and a member of the Board of Directors, hosting The Donut Shop with childhood friends (currently the #2 show on the network with over 10000 downloads per episode), producing, performing, and occasionally writing and directing Tales from Your Mom’s Basement, and developing the eSports division of the site; on my way to becoming a semi-professional competitive gaming commentator in my spare time.

-The role of Marrec in an upcoming MMO game from Nexon America called Vindictus.  This is a role that’ll be visible much earlier in the game than the characters I played in another Nexon title last year (Dungeon Fighter Online) and will hopefully be a role I get to repeat in the future.

-New Animation/Interactive Reel is on its way, thanks to the incredibly gifted producer Cheryllynn Carter.

-The launch of the new!

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Kyle McCarley is a currently self-represented animation and interactive voice over actor living in Los Angeles. He is a graduate of the University of Southern California's School of Theatre, and when he's not on a job or playing video games, Kyle spends his spare time entertaining an audience of over ten thousand gamers over at Original Media for Gamers (, where, in addition to being a host of multiple talk shows, he is the C.O.O. and a member of the Board of Directors, making him a partial owner of the network.

At OMFG, Kyle and a group of fellow actors perform in a weekly half-hour live anthology radio play series. He has thusfar written three episodes for Tales and performed as more than twenty characters. Prior to OMFG, Kyle was part of an internet radio station known as WoW Radio, a fansite for World of Warcraft, where he co-created another radio play series called the Chalice of Silvermoon. He wrote, directed, and acted in the series, which concluded after three seasons; a total of 51 episodes that averaged at 15 minutes in length each.

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